Losartan-N in 48 hours

Our first aerosol formulation Losartan-N has been formulated on March 17,  less than 48 hours after we opted to start with this Antgiotensin Receptor Blocker , which we believe can break the vicious circle of angiotensin2 poisoning that causes life-threatening cytokine strorms in acutely ill patients.

Two formulations were achieved :

  • 2% Novochizol, 1% succinic acid and 0.145% losartan. This ratio loads 30% of  Novochizol capacity to carry losartan.
  • 2% Novochizol, 1% succinic acid and 0.432% losartan. This ratio loads 100% of Novochizol capacity to carry losartan.

A 0.2% aquelous solution of each formulation were the made into aerosols with an ultrasound nebulizer.
Our aerosols can deliver a therapeutic dose* to the lung epithelia via a respirator over a period ranging between 20 minutes and 3 hours.


* A standard, high dose of losartan per os is 100 mg and we cna assume 25% bioavailability.  Assuming that 0.1% reaches the lung epithelia, the aerosol will deliver the same amount in 25 min. A 10-fold higher dose can be delivered over a period of 4 hours.

The particles generated with the nebulizer have an average diameter  of 150-190 nm. This is optimal for covering the entire 80 square meters or so that make the inner surface of the lungs, where the virus is active.