What other drugs?

Currently the following drugs  and substances are being formulated or under consideration as Novochizol aerosol formulations:

  • Valsatran. Unlike Losatran, which is converted in the liver, to yield more potent metabolites, Valsatran exerts its effects directly and may prove more potent when delivered directly into the lungs. Valsatran-N has been formulated.
  • Telmisartan. Telmisartan has demonstrated greater anti-inflammatory activity than valsartan in animal models of lung inflammation.  Telmisartan-N is under development.
  • Recombinant ACE2.  The rationale of delivering recombinant ACE2 into the lungs of infected patients is tgo capture SARS-COV-2  viral particles with a decoy receptor and prevent further infection and endogenous ACE2 degradation. rACE2-N development is under consideration.
  • FluoresceinFluorescein-N has been formulated for the purpose of demonstarting Novochizol Aerosol targeting inside the lungs and airways of experimental animals.