Nebulized particles that can get
any active ingredient anywhere and everywhere

Why NovochizolTM ?

  • Formulation of all classes of molecules as fine aerosols
  • Generation of aerosol particles of defined size
  • Strong adherence to animal and plant tissues
  • Resistance to wash-off and leaching
  • Proof of concept with 9 drugs for intra-pulmonary delivery

Research and Development

Novochizol TM aerosol particles: physical analysis

Nebulized particles of our anti-viral drug formulation have an average diameter of 170 nm. This is optimal for covering the entire 80 square meters that make the inner surface of the lungs, where the virus is active.

Intra-pumonary Novochizol TM-Losartan: preclinical safety

On March 19,2020 we conducted a pre-clinical animal safety assessment by administering to a swine Losartan-N aerosol, delivering approximately 270 micrograms of active ingredient over a period of 30 minutes.

Novochizol TM-Digoxin aerosol formulation

Digoxin is an inhibitor of the Mpro protease, the main protease found in all coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Formulating an aerosol which would deliver digoxin to the lungs would allow to interfere with viral replication, avoiding digoxin's systemic effects.

Novochizol TM-Soloxolone-methyl aerosol formulation

Soloxolone methyl, a 18βH-glycyrrhetinic acid derivate, inhibits influenza virus replication and reduces virus-induced lung inflammation. It is thus of interest in figthing COVID-19 and other respiratory infections.