Targeted delivery and sustained release of any API using any formulation modality

Why NovochizolTM ?

  • Small molecules, peptides, nucleic acids, proteins, viruses, cells can all be formulated
  • Effective formulation of hydrophobic, recalcitrant APIs
  • Localized drug delivery at site of administration with no systemic diffusion
  • Strong bioadhesion and tissue penetration
  • Customizable sustained release
  • Multiple modalties: injectables, aerosols, oral, topical and solid matrices
  • Protection against physical, chemical and enzymatic degradation
  • Intracellular transpost of all active ingredients, including proteins
  • Biocompatibility and safety inherited from chitosan (GRAS)
  • Inherent anti-inflammatory properties

Research and Development

Targeted, intracellular drug delivery

NovochizolTM technology can deliver all classes of APIs - small molecules, peptides, nucleic acids and large proteins - inside different cells, only at the site of administration. It opens a world of possibilities for all active ingredients to reach new targets.

Hyperhidrosis (Botulinum toxin)

Injectable NovochizolTM formulations of botulinum toxin prolong inhibition of excessive transpiration by at least 200%. They also offer the promise of injection-free, topical administration

Atrial Fibrillation (Botulinum toxin)

NovochizolTM - formulated botulinum toxin injections into epicardial fat pads lead to long-term suppression of atrial fibrillation and complete abolition of cardiac vagal response.

Formulation of poorly soluble APIs for multiple indications

NovochizolTM technology can help formulate APIs when all other approaches have failed. A collaboration with Boehringer-Ingelheim is under way to formulate five drug candidates with diverse properties and a range of mechanistic targets.

Resistant Hypertension (Botulinum toxin)

NovochizolTM - formulated botulinum toxin injections into renal arteries inhibit renin release, resulting in lower arterial blood pressure over extended periods of time. NovochizolTM enables a new mechanism of action.

Oncology: Targeted therapies and immuno-therapies

Thanks to tissue-adherence of NovochizolTM -formulated APIs at the site of administration, our technology offers an unprecedented potential to deliver virtually any anti-cancer drug only where it is needed.​