Meeting the challenges of sustainable, precision Agriculture

Why NovochizolTM ?

  • Inherent plant growth elicitor activity
  • Inherent plant defense systems elicitor activity
  • Formulation of all pesticides: chemical, biological, viral
  • Adherence to plant tissues ans sustained release
  • Resistance to freeze-thaw cycles
  • Low viscosity formulations for any treatment modality
  • Protection against UV and enzymatic degradation

Research and Development

NovochizolTN as plant growth elicitor: wheat seed treatment

The growth-promoting effects of NovochizolTN at early stages of plant development were demonstrated in seed treatment experiments both in vitro and in in alkaline chernozem soil substrate.

NovochizolTN lowers effective chemical pesticide doses

NovochizolTM-based formulations of chemical pesticides proved as effective against Spring wheat root rot as a commercial gold standard, at a significantly lower concentration than the recommended dose.

NovochizolTN formulations against grapevine mildew

NovochizolTN alone and as a co-formulant with a biologoical pesticide or copper sulfate exhibited significant inhibitory effect against grapevine mildew in leaf disk tests.

NovochizolTN -impregnated biodegradable polymers promote soil restoration through enhanced plant growth

A NovochizolTM-impregnated polymer solution was mixed with sand, layered on top of soil and seeded with grass seeds. The procedure led to faster and robust germination and growth.