In 1813, Napoleon wrote to one of his generals who was doubting his army’s capacity trying to defend the city of Magdebourg against a much better-endowed enemy: ” you write it is impossible; but that is not in French. ».

History proved Napoleon not exactly right…
But what if “formulation impossible n’est pas Novochizol” were true?

Such a proposition may sound presumptuous, and we certainly have no delusions of grandeur like Bonaparte probably did. But to date, virtually all our attempts to formulate different active ingredients with Novochizol proved successful: small molecules, nucleic acids, peptides, large proteins, viruses, even cells…

In fact, we have stopped trying to define what types of compounds are a good match for Novochizol. Instead, we are trying to find out what doesn’t work!

The answer so far is “not much”, and it has to be too good to be true.

Can you help us debunk what feels like a myth?
Do you have in your R&D pipeline active ingredients that may be of interest but are “stuck” because they have been formulation-unfriendly?

If the answer is “yes”, give Novochizol a try, challenge us!

All you need to do is send us a small sample of your active ingredient wit some minimal information about its solubility.

If we succeed, we will send you the formulation back and the rest will be history.
And if we fail, we will of course return your substance to you along with a treat… a box of our favorite Swiss chocolates!

So … ready to challenge us? Just drop us a line!

* This is a limited time offer, courtesy of our CEO and his walet 🙂